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Africa awaits...
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What do we do?

We create exclusive, tailored African safaris for families, couples and small groups.

We have access to the best safari guides and safari camps. We steer you away from the crowds, and into the wildest, most spectacular wildlife areas.


No two safaris are ever the same, because your family is unique. Every safari we put together aids in the conservation of Africa’s wildlife and wilderness and helps to uplift and empower local communities.


What will your safari look like?

Wild. Awe-inspiring. Exciting. Enriching.

We specialise in incredible wildlife viewing away from the crowds. This is generally done in open safari vehicles, but can also be experienced while gliding silently through the Okavango in a dug out canoe, trekking mountain gorillas, walking through the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, or boating on the Zambezi.

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Do you want to be pampered in the most incredible luxury but still feel like you’re on safari?

We can make it happen.

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Does the idea of sleeping out under the stars give you a thrill?

We can make it happen.

What about a little bit of luxury and adventure blended into one safari?

A great option!

Again, we can make it happen.


Why trust us?

We have lived and breathed safari for over two decades, and immersed our own children in Africa time and time again.


Our safaris are led by some of the very best guides in Africa, ensuring that you have a safe, extraordinary and unforgettable experience. 


We love knowing that the journeys we create for our families will be a highlight that will be talked about for decades.


We are the family safari specialists.

We care about Africa - it’s wildlife, wilderness and people.

Our safaris have a light footprint,

but leave a lasting impression.

Don’t just believe us, here’s what our travellers have to say...

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"Our kids were getting older and leaving home, so the window of opportunity to do a great trip with them was closing.


The entire experience was a delight and it was wonderful to be equals in a new adventure! Every detail was tended to, not a thing was missed. I would be on a flight tonight if it were offered to me.


Everyone in our family would rank it a 13 on a scale of 10."

A.Stout, USA

"We have just returned from our best family holiday ever. I should preface this by first saying that we have had some seriously good holidays over the years; however, this one takes prime position at the top of the list."

M. Bortolussi, Melbourne

"The AFS team create magic with their itineraries. Our safari couldn't have been more wonderful and focused on our family and time together in the wilderness of Africa. The pre-departure discussions ensured that we were each prepared and excited for the trip - with special focus on the children. From the guides, to the camps, to the magical experiences, everything was tailor-made and ensured a trip we will all remember for a lifetime."

Tewes Family, Hong Kong

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